A mother rises in the morning to the joyful sound of the laughter of her young daughter playing with her father. She rises with a smile upon her face at the sound and proceeds to get dressed and prepare for her day. After dressing she picks out a cute dress and stalking pants for her daughter. Her daughter loves this dress. It's her favorite and she wears it proudly. It's Sunday and she wants to look her best for Jesus when she and her family worship secretly in their home. There are no longer any churches in Mosul for them to worship in and they are under threat of death for simply placing their faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Isis (Islamic State) is systematically exterminating Christians violently and publicly.

During the night an Isis member painted ت  (the Arabic symbol equivalent to the English "n") on the wall of their home. This symbol indicates that the home is inhabited by Christians, followers of the Nazarene.

Later that morning, having worshipped Jesus and given thanks for His blessings and His grace, the little girl plays outside in her favorite dress. She does not know that the house is being watched. Her mother and father do no see the terrorist from Isis snatch their daughter, but hearing a great commotion and shouts of "Allah Akbar" in the street in front of their home, they run out is fear! There they see men joyfully cheering, waving guns, knives, and fists in the air as they continue to shout and surround the lifeless, decapitated body of their beautiful young daughter.

The little girl in this story is real, as you can see from the picture below, though I have made up the scenario  leading to her death. I don't know what the situation actually was, just that Isis beheaded the little girl in Mosul because of the families Christian faith. 

Another attempt to exterminate Christians is in full swing in Iraq and you and I need to do something about it. What you say? Pray! Prayer is not passive, it is active. God really does hear your prayers and they really are important to Him. We are at the end of time. Bible believing Christians understand what is happening and what will happen. We are not, however, to remain passive because we know these things. We are to be part of the battle, and we battle on our knees! Pray, believer, pray for the persecuted! Pray for the kingdom of God! Lift up your voices and cry out to the Lord!

Once you've begun to do that in earnest, then speak out. Write your leaders asking them to take action. Open your doors to those who manage to escape the persecution. We are all, all  we who believe in Christ, members of One Body. One Body! The Body of Christ! 

Pray, speak out, stand firm, and pray some more. God is the victor. Serve Him. All Christians are part of the same body. Serve them. Love God and Love people (even those who persecute you), for that is our calling from Heaven. 

Our future is bright. We are the victors and Heaven is our home. Never lose hope, for Jesus is our Hope! Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

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